Birds on Beach

Bird Quest

The Story: The Warblesons’ St. Pete Adventure!

One sunny day in beautiful St. Pete - spying the sparkling water, green grass and bustling activity below - a family of birds on vacation decides to land and take a look around town. Although the Warblesons have very different personalities, all of them find fun attractions on and around Beach Drive to catch their interest. Mama Warbleson loves architecture and historic buildings. Daddy Warbleson enjoys fine dining, especially his favorite - a hearty meal of beetles! Big sister Beatrice loves to feel glamorous, surrounding herself with all things elegant and sparkly. Benny is a history buff - he always has his beak in a history book. Younger brother Brian prefers fine art. He’d love to have an exhibition of his own one day! Twin birds Bethany and Betty both enjoy people watching and exploring open spaces. And, little Buddy is a quirky bird - always up for an adventure.

The feathery family is exploring the city when - oh no! The youngest Warbleson, Buddy, has gotten lost! All of the birds fan out to each of the wonderful places they have visited to search for him. 

Will you reunite the Warbleson family by helping them find Buddy? 

Bird Quest 1 / Mama Warbleson

First Clue: From her perch nearby, Mama Warbleson enviously eyes the activities at the luxurious hotel that has greeted guests since 1925. No wonder she is grooming herself so nicely!

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Bird Quest 2 / Betty Warbleson

First Clue: Betty enjoys a yummy snack in this park named after visionary newspaper editor William Straub, who led the effort in the early 1900s to dedicate these 30 blocks of waterfront property as public parkland. Watching all the people enjoying the park today, Betty sure is glad that he succeeded!

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Bird Quest 3 / Daddy Warbleson

First Clue: Daddy Warbleson can be found sitting near the front mailbox of this hotel eating his favorite food, beetles! If you can fly high enough to reach the roof bar of this Spanish Mission-style hotel, you’ll find a wonderful view of Straub Park and Tampa Bay beyond.

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Bird Quest 4 / Brian Warbleson

First Clue: Brian can be found near the entrance of the museum with the encyclopedic collection of art, trying his beak at a brand new painting. Since opening its doors in 1965, the museum has been dedicated to serving all people -- and birds -- through its diverse exhibitions and educational programs.

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Bird Quest 5 / Beatrice Warbleson

First Clue: Beatrice is perched high above the doors of an elegant jewelry store. Established in 1905, this store is St. Pete’s oldest retail business, and if you peek through the windows, you can see why. Beatrice loves to peek at all the sparkly objects inside!

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Bird Quest 6 / Benny Warbleson

First Clue: History buff Benny can be found at Pinellas County’s oldest museum. For nearly a century, this museum has collected, preserved and presented the history of St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Peninsula.

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Bird Quest 7 / Bethany Warbleson

First Clue: Resting among the foliage in this downtown park is Bethany. From her perch, Bethany can gaze out at the St. Pete waterfront. On New Year’s Day 1914, the pilot Tony Jannus flew a Benoist airboat from the St. Petersburg Pier to Tampa and back – the very first commercial airline flight in history! Even though Bethany prefers to fly with her own wings, she thinks plane travel is pretty cool.

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Bird Quest 8 / Buddy Warbleson

First Clue: There he is! The littlest Warbleson, Buddy, is in the garden of this distinguished museum that houses the works of surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Since opening its doors on January 11, 2011, throngs of visitors have flocked to the museum – so it’s no wonder Buddy flew here in search of adventure. And like his inspiring hero, Dali, Buddy sports a brand new mustache. No wonder he was so tricky to find!

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